New Century Technology Services - Let's talk & text!
Your Neighborhood One-Stop Shop
Just what is it that we do at New Century? Well, that depends: what do you need?

 Oh, did you say you were looking into a new cell phone service, with Alltel?  Oh yeah, we can definitely help you out there. Looking into digital satellite television (the unbeatable quality of DirecTV, to be particular)? Yeah, we can help you with that.  Looking for affordable local or long-distance home phone service? Sure, we can take care of that for you.  

Need some copies made? Would that be black and white or color?  Have a document you need notarized?  Sure, we got you covered.  Oh, you need to send a package by FedEx?  Why yes, we sure are a FedEx drop off.  Need your taxes done (in or out of season)?  Set up an appointment and we'll see to it.  

What don't we do?  That's a good question.  While we try to figure that one out, stop by for high-quality service and customer satisfaction in just about whatever it is you need.

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